3-G Home Entertainment

Background: In 1995, 3-G Video was re branded as 3-G Home Entertainment. Real logos can be foundhere.

1st Logo
Nicknames: "The Millenium 3-G", "At Least It's Not 1989"
Logo:We see a video of space. A meteor then comes zooming to form the words "Home Entertainment". At about the same time, the 3-G iconic logo forms from left and right and once the logo is finished it glows. When it finishes glowing the logo explodes into stars. The then-formed stars zoom out.
FX/SFX:The 3D Animation
Music/Sounds:An aeroplane-like sound when the meteor is zooming in, twinkling when the words are formed and an explosion sound when the words explode. Extra sounds is added in 2002.

Availability:Rare. Should be seen on 3-G Video tapes and DVDs of the era.
Editor's Note:The sounds shown in this logo can be scary if you're not expecting it. The extra sound version used from 2002-2005 is even scarier.
2nd Logo
Nicknames:"2000s 3-G"
Logo:We see a panning sky with the 3-G logo as a cloud with the text "Home Entertainment" below also as clouds.

FX/SFX:The panning.
Music/Sounds:An announcer saying "Distributed by 3-G Home Entertainment"
Availability:Rare. Should be seen on 3-G DVDs and Blu-rays. It's also possible that it could be on their final tape released on the 5th September 2006.
Editor's Note:This logo is tamer than the 1998 logo. It's more boring than scary.
3rd Logo
Nicknames:"Nice 3-G"
Logo:We see a speaker be slowly blasted by sound with the 3-G logo popping out slowly. The logo zooms to the camera as we see multiple lifestyles shown in animation. A few seconds later, the 3-G logo pops out again and remains for the rest of the logo. The words "Home" and "Entertainment" fade in, and the animated lifestyles in the background fade out.

  • On early Blu-ray releases by the company (2009-2013), the Blu-ray logo is seen at the end.
  • In 2016, the animation was redone.
  • On early Netflix releases from the company (2014-2018), the Blu-ray variant is used, but the Blu-ray logo is replaced with the byline "In Associated with Netflix".
FX/SFX:Great CGI for 2008. Still holds up today.
Music/Sounds:An orchestral theme similar to the Imagine Entertainment logo.
Availability:Current. Seen on 3-G's DVD's and Blu-rays from 2008 onwards.

Editor's Note: None except that this has garnered very good reception among the logo community.

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