Background: 40 MiLE INTERAcTiVE (or just 40 Mile Interactive) was founded by the Walt Disney Corporation UK in 1998. Their slogan was "Fourty Miles at a time". They usually make decent movie/TV show adaptations, usually from Disney movies, Cartoon Network TV shows, and etc. Their most famous, best selling games are most likely Regular Show: Death Punchies and Basil: the Great Mouse Detective, both released in 2011.

Logo 1: (1998-2007)
Nicknames: "The exploding M"
Logo: On a black BG, a greenish-yellow line cuts through the BG like a pair of scissors, and it traces an "M" shape (a la "McDonalds arches") that explodes, leaving behind only words, saying "40 MiLE INTERAcTiVE" The words eventually fade out and flicker.
  • On most Game Boy games of the time, the logo was still.
  • On Cartoon Network Xtreme Racing the logo was printed on a racecar.
Music: A whooshing sound when the M comes in, and a synth "vroooooommmm" sound when it explodes.

FX: The "M", and the words coming in and flickering out. Availability: Seen on N64, Game Boy, Gamecube, and several Wii games made by the company at the time.

Scare Factor: Medium. The explosion combined with the synth whoosh can be unnerving.

Logo 2:(2008-) Nicknames: "The colourful Rare-style sticker"

40 MiLE INTERAcTiVE (2011)40 MiLE INTERAcTiVE (2010)

Logo: On a Plain Gray, Green, Black, Red, Blue or Purple BG (Depending on the game), a Rare Interactive-style symbol sticks on the BG like a sticker. Then "40 MiLE INTERAcTiVE" sticks on below. A subtitle appears below, saying the company's slogan "40 Miles at a time" The logo then flickers out like the previous logo. Colour Variants:

  • Green: Slime Drive
  • Brown: Basil the Great Mouse Detective
  • Red: Sky Police
  • Purple: Survival of the Invasions
  • Blue: Regular Show: Death Punchies
  • Black: Cave Story 2
  • Gray: Any other game.
  • In Regular Show: Death Punchies, Mordecai rips the logo off the BG and crumbles it. He then throws it to Rigby.
  • In Basil the Great Mouse Detective, Ratigan comes in and rings his bell, which causes the screen to crack.
Music: An upbeat chiptune. Basil the Great Mouse Detective has old, 1800's style music.

FX: Everything. The sticker, and the words.

Availability: Seen on all current games by the company.
Scare Factor: None. Low to median for the Basil/RegShow variants.

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