4nOut Productions

Background: This was a production company ran by Sam Simon, a co-developer on The Simpsons and writers Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky, who both worked on the first four seasons of the show.


Logo: We see a man (Wolodarsky) walking down an apartment hallway with the lights going out. "A 4NOUT PRODUCTION" is superimposed in yellow. Different variations of the footage exist.

  • The name of the company refers to the fact that Wolodarsky, Kogen and Simon all left The Simpsons after four seasons. Part of the name was also based on Simon intending to leave the show after one season "13 and out" before it became successful, prompting him to stay longer.
  • The entire logo is a homage to the logo for John Charles Walters Productions, behind Taxi, which Simon also worked on.
Variants: For every episode of The Halloween Kids, a different version was played.
  • Pilot: We just see the hallway with the company indicator in white.
  • Ars Enim Ansam Dederunt: A woman wishes Wolodarsky good night and he grumbles. It's essentially the same thing as the John Charles Walters logo.
  • Die-Section: Wolodarsky panics and curls up when the lights go out.
  • Playing the Dozens: When the woman wishes Wolodarsky good night he curses her out.
  • I Love My Kids... Seriously: The woman forgets her line and asks Wolodarsky for a reminder.
  • Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Simple: Same as above, but she stumbles in the middle of delivering her line.
  • Blood is Thicker than Liquid: A figure in a mask (presumably the woman) jumps out to scare Wolodarsky, and he punches it in the face.
  • Unusual Suspects: Wolodarsky is nowhere to be seen. A man off-screen (actually Gary Cole) calls him by his first name.
  • Bad Seeds of Doubt: Wolodarsky gets to the end of the hall and claps his hands to get the lights off.
  • Foul Play: The woman calls Wolodarsky's name in a harsh manner and he snaps at her, causing a mumble.
  • If Mirrors Could Kill: Wolodarsky is eating a sandwich and the woman asks for some.
  • This Disposable Life: A reprise of the first variant, but it's shot on a freehand cam with a low battery.
  • Lights Out: A wrecking ball goes through the walls, and we here a foreman shout "Reba here we come!" (at the time that show hadn't debuted, Reba McIntyre agreed to appear in an episode on the condition her series get promoted (this show had been on The WB at this point, with it being the initial home for Reba.)
  • For split-screen credits, it just showed the first variant.

FX/SFX: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: Sounds corresponding to the actions, but for the most part we hear the woman saying "Goodnight Wally."

Availability: This was only seen on The Halloween Kids.

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