American National Enterprises

Background: In 2009, Relativity Media rescurrected American National Enterprises. The new ANE has offices in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Finland, Fiji, Denmark, the Philippines, and Italy.

1st Logo
American National Enterprises (2010-)
Logo: We see a plain black background. Suddenly the sun rises up on view, revealing it's a mountain with a forest and lake (ala Paramount 1987). An eagle flys into the middle of the screen. The words "American National Enterprises", in CGI, zooms out below the eagle and the "A RELATIVITY MEDIA COMPANY" byline fades in below the company name.

FX: Top notch CGI!

Music: A re-orchestrated version of the 1984 logo music.

Availiability: Current. Seen on ANE's films by Relativity Media.

Scare Factor: None. A perfect logo.

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