Animutation Pictures

Background:In 2001, Neil Cicierega (b. 1986) founded Animutation Pictures for making deformed Flash animations, Neil left the company in 2002. It is unknown if he is still making animutations. But other "animutators" have joined like, Tangerine (b. 1992).
1st Logo (2001-2009)
Nicknames:"Colin Mochrie" "Colin The Sun" "The Sun"
Logo:On a white background we see Colin Mochrie/The Sun and "ANIMUTATION PiCTURES" fades below.
Trivia:The iconappeared "Hyakugojyuuichi", One of the very first animutations, Colin also became a icon of animutations.

The byline changesrandomly.

*2001-2003: Byliness
*2001-02: "A Neil Cicierega Production"
*2002-05: "A Newgrounds Company"
*2005-09: "Visit the portal of animutations!"
*2006: "A SNAS Company
Also, numerous changes with the icon haveoccurred.
Music:A four note snythtune.
Avalibility:Rare, seen on Animutations from 2001-2009.
Scare Factor:None, this logo is a favorite of many.
2nd logo (2009-)

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