Audiowave Digital Sound

Background:In 1994, Randomian sound company Audiowave made a new sound system after Dolby Digital and DTS launched in America. ADS debuted in cinemas with the premiere of the cult film "Deserted" and since been used in Films, Television, DVD's, and more.

1st Logo
Nicknames:"The Waves" "Welcome to Cinemas, Audiowave!"
Logo:On a black background, we see three colored cubes (colored Red, Green, and Blue, respectively) fly around and go in their regular places on the right, as the red one sends out some Soundwaves which form "Audiowave", as "Digital Sound" fades in.The words "DIGITAL SOUND RIGHT NOW" fades in below and slowly zooms in.
FX/SFX:The flying, and Soundwaves and the zooming. All good CGI for 1994.
Music/Sounds:Some zooming when the cubes fly around, and the "Audiowave Notes" which consists of a choir note, along with 3 xylophone notes that start high pitched and go down to low pitched.
Availability:Was used as an introduction logo for ADS. First used on Randomian theatrical screenings of.Deserted and on VHS and Laserdisc releases of said film. Last appeared on home video releases of "Fortune".
Scare Factor:Minimal. It may get to some who haven't seen it before.
2nd Logo
(1997-2004, 2010-present)
Logo:On a black background, we zoom by the red cube, then we turn around as we see the other cubes, and it's revealed it's part of the logo, but turned over. as we slowly pan to the center of the logo, some words appear, in this order: "Listen", "Can you hear it?" "Can you feel it?", and "If you can, you know it's in....". When we finally reach the center of the logo, It turns into a sunny sky background as "Digital Sound" and "Digital Sound Like you've Never Heard" fade in, along with the website address and copyright info.
FX/SFX:The panning, the background and the fading.
  • When this logo was revived in 2010, it was remastered with amazing CGI from Special Effects studio Magic Wand Studios!
  • On Randomian DVD releases of Cartoon Network shows from 2010-present, the logo starts from the sky background.
  • When you put a Audiowave certified DVD into a DVD player with Audiowave, after the optimizer, "Digital Sound Like you've Never Heard" is replaced by Optimized for the best Digital Sound"
Music/Sounds:A orchestral piece during the panning, and the "Audiowave Notes" when the sky background appears.

Availability:Common. Appears on Audiowave-certified DVD and VHS releases, as well as Audiowave-certified cinemas. This logo came back in 2010 due to a massive fan response.

Scare Factor:None to Low. This is a amazing logo and is a favorite of many.

3rd logo

Nicknames:"Mosquitoes", "Le Raid", "THX meets Audiowave"

Logo:Same as the THX France "Le Raid" logo, but all instances of the Le Raid logo are gone, the THX logo is replaced by the ADS logo, and the black background when the THX logo is shown is replaced by the sky background from the previous logo, the blue border is gone, and the text at the end reads "Digital Sound like You've Never Heard" along with the website and copyright info appearing.

Trivia:Audiowave got permission from THX France to modify this logo for Randomia.

FX/SFX:Same as the THX France "Le Raid" logo.

Music/Sounds:Same as the THX France "Le Raid" logo, but the Deep Note at the end is replaced with the Audiowave Notes.

Availability:Common. Seen on Animated movie releases from Audiowave on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as in Audiowave-certified cinemas.

Scare Factor:Low. It's a funny logo, and it's tamer than the original.

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