Barney Home Video


Nickname: CGI Barney

Logo: A more CGI version of logo 2. But in better quality.

Variants: From 2001, the Breil byline fades in below the logo, with the 1999 Breil globe.

One version is from 2006. It has no Breil globe. With the Breil byline the logo is on the top of the screen. It says:


Original version from 1998 contains no byline.

Sometimes, in the original version, for previews, Barney fades into Preview and HOME VIDEO fades out, and only the end part plays.

In 2008 the byline below reads "A TimeWarner Company".

The 2009 version of the logo has no byline, but on the top of the screen.

FX: CGI made by Lyrick Studios and Lyons Entertainment.

SFX: Synth sounds for this logo.

Chessy Factor: Low.

Music: Same as logos 1 and 2.

Avaliblility: Current.

Scare factor: Medium, Barney in this logo may not sit well with this logo and you might suprise viewers by seeing this many times.

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