Breil Classicals


Logo: We see a photo album book. Then the Breil globe zooms out and flashes. BREIL CLASSICALS appears and shines.

FX: CGI for 1994.

Music/Sounds:A horn sounder and a wind sounder.

:Seen on every airing on every show by The Classicals (Breil Classicals' own channel)

  • In December 21,1999,the logo is redone and updated with a new globe (the Breil 1999- globe)
  • Starting in 2007,the logo is redone(again!)and now,the photo album book opens to (approx.) the 6th page and the Breil Classicals logo is in the frame. It shines.
  • Sometimes,the whole logo is superimposed over the credits.
  • In 2010,the logo is once again redone in HD.

Scare Factor: Low.

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