Breil Enterprises

F1st Logo
Nickname:"Globes of Boredom"

Logo:We see the globe logo of the time,zooming in. Then it duplicates into two globes,and then one globe moving to the left,while that another globe
go below the 1st globe. And then,one-by-one the globes turn into the letters,"B" and "E". After that,"REIL" and "NTERPRISES",next to the letters
described before,wipes in from left to right.

Variants:This was originally in B&W from 1954-1970,with the letters described above in gray. And in 1983,the zooming globe sequence is redone by trail animation,like this:
We see the globe of the time,zooming in with a trail effect. The trail then merges and flashes.

FX:All the animation in the logo.

Cheesy Factor:Not cheesy at all,2D animation. But when displayed today,it looked cheesy,kinda like a sloppy logo animation.

Music:A remix of the Cinema International Corporation 1960's-70's jingle (it is an orchestral remix,with clashes,in sync with the logo animation).

Availability:Seen on features of the time.

Scare Factor:Low to medium due to the bombastic music/remix,and that zooming globe sequence,that is maybe an in-your-face sequence in the logo animation,might catch you off-guard.

2nd Logo

Logo: On a blue/red starfield background,similar to the 1987 Turner logo,we see the globe logo flying from the left. Then, it spins away to the top and disappears. and the words BREIL ENTERPRISES spins in and places itself on
the center of the screen.

FX/Cheesy Factor:Top-notch CGI for 1986,the globe disappearing looks like a fade-out.

Music: A remix of the 1958 Revue theme.

Availability: See logo 1.

Scare Factor: Medium,because of the bit bombastic Revue theme.

3rd Logo

Logo: On an evening sky background, we see the globe logo forming with longitude and latitude lines(which it is the
element of that globe logo). After that, the words BREIL ENTERPRISES fly in below,one-by-one.

Variant: Starting in March 1999, the classic globe logo (1954-1999) is replaced with a more abstract globe logo
(which is introduced at this time) flying in from the top.

FX: Simple animation in the logo.

Music: A remix of the 1993 Columbia theme.

Music Variant:There is an alternate music,consisting of a 4-note choir and 3 cymbal crashes near the end,and the logo is slightly sped-up,used from 1999-2003.

Availability: Again, see logo 1.

Scare Factor: None,Medium for the alternate variant.

4th Logo

Logo: On the Paramount 2002 background,only without the Paramount text,mountain,byline,stars and clouds (which is surrounding the mountain in that logo), we see the abstract 1999 globe logo zooming out from the top. After that, the words BREIL ENTERPRISES fly in below.

FX: Mind-blowing animation.

Variant:Paramount owned Breil Films in 2006,this ended one year later. This is indicated by putting "a Paramount company" in the Paramount font at the bottom of the logo.

Music: A remix of the 1993-2002 CTHV theme.

Availability: Again, see logo 1. The byline variant was very rare,as it seen on one film:"F1",made in 2006. That film has been aired many times,every Formula One season on Breil Channel starting in 2007,due to that "F1" film is about Formula One racing,so you can see it on there.

Scare Factor: None.

5th Logo
(February 2009-)

Logo: On the 1993 Columbia sky background,enhanced a bit, we see the abstract globe logo spinning and zooming in. When it does, the words BREIL ENTERPRISES twirl in below from the top.

FX: Perfect animation.

Music: A remix of the 1984 TriStar fanfare(The remix,which is even more orchestral and mind-blowing than the
original 1984 TriStar fanfare,different to the 1993 TriStar fanfare).

Availability: Current.

Scare Factor: None.

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