Breil, Inc.

1st Logo
Logo:On a space BG,we see a blue globe in CGI fading in while spinning, then it zooms out,along with the text "breil" in a new rounded font. The globe zooms out until it fits the hole in the "b". Copyright year appears below.

FX:The zooming out,the stars zooming out,and copyright appearing.

Music:A 4-note cello theme that is based on the first 4 notes of the 2002 Golden Harvest theme.

Cheesy Factor:NONE,this is ALL GREAT CGI!

Availability:Will be seen on future shows by Breil Channel,even plastering the 2007 Breil logo (see Your Dream Logos: THE ORIGINAL!!!!!!!) on newer airings of old shows before this.

Scare Factor:None!

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