Breil/Starz/Argosy Media

(February 21,2009-)

Logo:On a space background,we see the Earth. That then shines into the 1999 Breil globe. It zooms out. Then "BREIL" in a Fortune City font with the hint of the Twentieth Century MT(Tw. Cen MT) font,wipes in(from the left). Then a light blue aurora appears,thus forming the current Starz logo. Then "Argosy" completely in a
Twentieth Century MT(Tw. Cen MT) font,wipes in(from the right). Then "MEDIA" in a Square 721 font appears. The whole logo (not the background!) shines,but that causes the logo to have a glossy reflected look (possibly colored chrome?). Then the 2 slashes between "BREIL" and the Starz logo,and the Starz logo and "Argosy" , fade in. Then it fades out.


Variant:Starting in March 4 2010,the hole it the Starz logo is now filled white.

Cheesy Factor:CHEESE ME MAN! It's not bad,but its GREAT GRAPHICS!

Music/Sounds:A big and (VERY!) long whoosh,followed by the music from Starz Media's 3rd logo and fitted to the end of the logo.

Availability:Yes,yes,yes,yes and yes......CURRENT!

Scare Factor:NONE by excitement,or neither LOW for those who are used.

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