Buena Vista Sales Distribution

Background: Buena Vista Sales Distribution was estabilished in 1990, it distributed shows throughout Europe.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Disney Castle Distribution", "Buena Vista Castle"

Logo: We see a black background, then we zoom out the gate of familiar segmented castle in a teal-lavender colorization with no half-circle, the castle stops at the center of the screen(like in the WDP logo), and the lavender text BVSD fades in with Buena Vista Sales Distribution below BVSD. A small ball of light draws the circular line in an orange-peach color. The castle shines.

  • There is a short version where only the text fading and circular line drawing part is seen.
FX/SFX: Really nice CG animation for 1990.

Cheesy Factor: The ball of light looks a little cheesy.

Music/Sounds: A synth note with an ominous bass note and a whoosh when we zoom out, then a 12-note synthetized bell tune.

Music/Sounds Variants: The short version has a little slower version of the Touchstone Television pitched down 3 semitones and played on synthetized bells.

Availability: Uncommon, the long version can be seen on some Polish, Romanian and Hungarian Disney and Touchstone VHS's, while the short version can be seen on some older Disney shows throughout Europe.

Scare Factor: Medium, because of the dark background and music.

2nd logo

Nickname: "Not As Dark As The First One"

Logo: On a light purple cloudish background we see the white segmented Disney castle fading in and BVSD in white fades in with Buena Vista Sales Distribution below.

FX/SFX: Fading and the moving of the background.

Cheesy Factor: The logo is too simple.

Music/Sounds: A piano note.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: None.

Final Note: Buena Vista Sales Distribution merged into Buena Vista International in 2003.

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