Cal Clarion

Background: Cal Clarion is an archiving company founded in 1984 that acquires lost media and redistributes it, with the former owner receiving 60% of the proceedings. The studio remasters old films and shows with better audio quality and colorization (both done by Chace Surround Sound and Color Systems Technology (early releases), American Film Technologies (releases up until the start of the 90s) and since 2000, has expanded to music and video. The studio was formed as a partnership between Charon and Corlius LLC. Cal Clarion stands for "Charon Archiving Liaison Cheltenham London Adderberry Royal Leamington Spa Lapworth Isle of Man Oxford Newcastle", representing areas where they were headquartered. The company became infamous for its business practices, which included treatment of materials it archived, plastering all logos on said properties, snapping up rights to previously owned materials the instance the rights the other party had expired as well as failed attempts at acquiring major British corporations (namely FremantleMedia and ITV plc.) The company's website was taken down after three hacking attempts, but no word has been given whether or not the company is still in business.


Logo: On a black background, we see a red/yellow/brown paint streak on the top right corner of the screen "Cal Clarion" fades in on the streak. It resembles a hole from a lower perspective.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Appears on DVD releases of old films, as well as on releases of shows by The Corning/Emerson Group, infamously plastering all other logos (save for the current rights holders)

Scare Factor: None. In fact, viewers consider this logo to be more irritating than scary.