Calvin & Hobbes Home Video

1st logo:
Calvin and Hobbes Home Video (1996)

Nicknames: "Calvin and Hobbes Sitting", "Calvin and Hobbes Still Shot", "Boring Picture of Calvin and Hobbes Sitting Under A Tree"

Logo: It is a plain picture showing Calvin and Hobbes sitting under an oak tree staring blankly into space. At the bottom of the pictures, the byline, with Calvin and Hobbes in it's font, reads:
Calvin & Hobbes Home Video

Variant: A Christmas variant of the logo shows Calvin and Hobbes hugging each other under in front of a Christmas tree, on top of a rug and with a fireplace beside the Christmas Tree. Not only it shows the byline, it also shows a greeting:
Merry Christmas

FX: None, it's a still logo.
Music/Sounds: A smooth 7-note guitar tune.
Availability: Seen in every The Calvin & Hobbes Show DVD opening credits.
Scare Factor: None, the music is soothing as well.

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