Carolco Films


Background: This is a logo for the hypotetical situation that Carolco comes back into business by: A) renaming C2 Pictures, or B) forming a new company named Carolco.
1st Logo:
Nicknames: "C Window", "New C", "Dark road", "The New Carolco", "Speech Buble", "Welcome back, Carolco"
Logo: On a garden-like setting, we see three black arch-like objects come from the upper-right corner as we zoom back and pan. These black objects constantly turn and stretch until they transform into three circular "C"s, one inside another like the Cinema City logo -resulting a bit reminiscent of the classic Carolco Pictures logo- as we zoom out from what is revealed as a "window" of sorts -ala FilmDistrict-, which is a square with three of its corners rounded. As we zoom back and as the three C's set into the "window", we see the text
in an Helvetica-esque font to the right of the "window". We finally stop zooming to reveal that the logo is set in a night road setting, "reflected" in the road. After a few seconds, we finally fade out.
Trivia: The road setting is actually based on a dream I had long ago.
  • The logo's initial scene is not limited to a garden setting, but it can include a number of settings, such as a forest setting, a city setting, an industrial setting, a futuristic setting, and so on, depenging on the movie. However, the logo's final setting remains a night road setting.
  • Sometimes, we can see butterflies flying out of the "window".
SFX/FX: The logo forming, the camera zooming and panning.

Cheesy factor: It's a nice logo, with a nice animation and everything. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Music: A remastered rendition of the Carolco logo fanfare done by Jerry Goldsmith, with a night-ish ambient sounds for the logo's second half, and the corresponding ambience sound for each setting for the logo's first half.

Availability: Will be included in som- ...oh wait never mind. Actually it's just a dream logo.

Scare factor: None to Minimum because of the dark setting at the end of the logo. Otherwise, it's just a nice logo.

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