Background:CinemaWorld is the Division of 20th Centruy Fox corporation founded in March 2013 by German immigrants Nicolas Marheiner and Paul Hannals.

1st Logos
CinemaWorld CLG Wiki

Logo:On the Black Background, we see an realism camera turning. Suddenly a paper from comes out and moves everything to become a almost unknwon thing. Then everything the becomes cartoonih and Cineaworld Fades in. Along with (c) 20th Century Fox Division Companies.

Variants:There are fews variants appears in the films
  1. Action X94:When the logos finishes, the camera pans to reveal that logos on the pimp car painted in it.
  2. From Dusk Till Dawn 4: The True Voyage:The film sets in Moon and the film project is Black.

FX:Live action camera recorder and transforming to Cartoonish thingy.


Avalbility:It can be seen many Noir and Thilier films include, Who is the True Father (2014), the Revealance (2014), True Mysterious (2015), Action X94(2016), From Dusk Till Dawn 4:The True Voyage

Scare Factor:Low, the almost dark background and some any things might get some.

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