Columbia TriStar International

Background: In 1991, Columbia TriStar International was formed the same time Columbia TriStar Home Video was formed, but as
Columbia Pictures International, it was not called Columbia TriStar International until 1993.

Columbia Pictures International

Nickname: "Torch Lady's Brightest Light Ever!"

Logo: We see a white light flash on a black background taking up the whole screen in the process. The light shrinks to reveal the Torch Lady and "Columbia Pictures International" in white fades in below.

FX: The light flashing and shrinking and the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A loud whoosh when the light flashes and the triumphant fanfare when "Columbia Pictures International" fades in.

Availability: Can only be seen on prints of movies released outside USA and Canada.

Scare Factor: Medium, the loud "whoosh" can startle you, but at least there's a calmer musical note to look forward to.

Columbia Tristar International

Logo: Same as Columbia Tristar Television logo, only "TELEVISION" is replaced with "INTERNATIONAL"

FX: Same as 1996 logo

Availability: Again, seen only on Non-USA movies.

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