Contemporary Filmworks (Indonesia)

Logo descriptions by SnowflakesOmega

Background: Contemporary Filmworks is a major film studio and distributor of Indonesia. Established in 1981 for film developing facilities, and after a temporary hiatus on 1995-2003, the company has made it's way to distribute various films from US, UK, European and Asian studios to the Indonesian market. The company still makes movies, with around 25 movies by them made on each year, while the number of distributed films by them goes on to 80+.

1st Logo

Nicknames: "Dark City", "CFW City I", "CFW Tower II"

Logo: On a black background lightened squares appear and form the letters "CFW". The lightning of the ambience goes on and reveals a city skyline, with the lights on a building that has the shape of the same letters "CFW", with a rectangle and a tower base below it. The lights of the other buildings turn on. The words "CONTEMPORARY FILMWORKS INC." wipe in on the rectangle seen below the logo.


  • The logo may be tinted in blue, green or red.
  • Some films have it black & white.
  • Few films have the beginning of the logo cut, and the animation begins before the company name wipes in.
FX/SFX: The lights turning on, the name wiping, all hand-drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: None. The short version used majestic fanfares depending on the film.

Availability: Rare. It is pretty easy to find if you're from Indonesia and checking out any old movies from the country. Was seen on various types of movies. The most famous films with this logo include Kehidupan, Tantangan uji coba, Lahir di bawah air, and Di mana pacar saya?

Scare Factor: Minimal. The logo in the dark is pretty unnerving. The scare factor would be raised for the short versions, as the fanfare accompanying them with the sudden start may surprise some, especially for those who haven't seen them.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: "Nightlife City", "CFW City II", "CFW Tower II"

Logo: At night, we rotate through an aerial view of a city. We then cut to a shot of one of the roads of the city, complete with moving traffic and neon/street lights. The camera moves back as we see more of the same road. We then cut to another aerial shot of the city, but more closer to what was shown at the beggining, with the camera being closer to the buildings/skyscrapers. Another cut, we see a shot of a building in shape of a "C" with the lights red (the lights from the other buildings are more yellow) as the camera moves back and rotates. One final cut and we see the rest of the "CFW" buildings, placed like before, with the "CONTEMPORARY FILMWORKS INC." filled rectangle below them complete with the tower base. The camera rotates more faster than before, as we slow down and stop with the buildings facing left.

FX/SFX: The city and everything else is made with good CGI for the time.

Music/Sounds: A jazzy theme.

Availability: Uncommon inside Indonesia. Found on various films made and distributed by the company. Some of the company's productions from the time are the Anak Muda series, Memamerkan, Mata Prajurit, Di bawah kereta luncur, Meningkatkan Diri, and Hujan Selatan.

Scare Factor: None to minimal. The darkness is still worth making someone shake, but the concept is extremely tame.

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "Sunset City", "CFW City III", "CFW Tower III"

Logo: Same concept as before, but remade with more modern CGI, a sunset sky (making the action more clear), and different camera movements. There's a few more shots of the streets and we can see a Times Square-style section and a plaza with various people moving on it. There's also more shots of the buildings of the logo being revealed, with each one shown one-by-one, without showing the rectangle/tower base below them. The camera movement of the final shot is the same as before. The lights of the CFW buildings are now yellow, and the company's name is in a different font.

FX/SFX: Stunning CGI for the time, pretty much one of the best-looking Indonesian logos.

Music/Sounds: Either a majestic fanfare or a remix of the previous logo's jazzy theme.

Availability: Common. Seen on various Indonesian movies and distributed prints of various Hollywood and international movies found around Indonesia. Can be also found on DVDs and Blu-Rays distributed by their home video brand around the country.

Scare Factor: None. It's a good successor to the previous logo's city setting.

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