Cool Dude Productions

"Cool Dude Productions" was established by Offspring Member Dexter Holland and Miles Prower on June 1, 1996 and the logo wasn't shown until August 7, 1996.

1st Logo (August 7, 1996-October 31, 1998)

Nickname: "Cool Dexter"

Music: Same as the Alan Landsburg 1982 Logo which is 5 seconds long (which is one of my faves). Although starting on September 7, 1997 it was redone by Dexter Holland on his synthesizer keyboard.

Availability: Seen on "The Offspring Show", and also on "Late Afternoon with Miles Prower"

Scare Factor: none

2nd Logo (November 1, 1998-December 29, 2007)

Nickname: "Inked Tails"

Music: 1998-2003: The 1993-98 Columbia Television music.
2004-December 29, 2007 (which is Dexter's B-Day): The current NBC-Universal Television Music

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