Cute Little Alien Productions (Japan)

Background: Cute Little Alien Productions is a video company that distributes Japanese anime, Japanese cinema and a tokusatsu series, among other genres. Its most well-known subsidiaries are Anime World (anime), Action Media Network, and ZX Tokyo (Japanese cinema). All of the shows and movies produced by it are being rated by G, which does not contain profanity and any adult content. In 2001, Uzamaki Productions purchased this company.

1st Logo (1981-)
Cute Little Alien Productions (Japan) (1981-)
Logo: On a black background, we see Quisp (from Quaker Oat's Quisp cereal) in his anime appearance. Below him is the Japanese text (かわいい宇宙人·プロダクションズ) that translates into the company's name, turning into "Cute Little Alien" in a Bomb font and "Productions" in a Kartika font with a rainbow on the bottom. Quisp was drawn by Narutou Uzamaki (not the ninja guy!).

  • On some shows, Quisp can hover on the logo with his propeller.
  • On Voltron, Quisp says "Sayonara!". In the English dub, he says "Goodbye!" instead. Quisp was voiced by Hitomi in Japanese and Daws Butler (Corey Burton starting in 1990) in English.
  • On all Pokémon movies, Quisp was replaced by Pikachu, giving us a peace sign.
  • On Flint: The Time Detective and Samurai Pizza Cats, Quisp transforms himself into his helicopter form and flies away.
  • On a pilot episode of Noozles, Quisp was replaced with Asmik-kun (Boomer in the English version).
  • In the English versions of all shows and movies, there is no Japanese text and there is just "Cute Little Alien Productions", without forming the company's name.
  • On Super Punch-Out!!, Quisp raises both of his fists and says "Oiya!". In the English dub, he does the same thing and says "Peace of cake!".
  • On Punch-Out!!, Quisp raises both of his fists as a victor.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A winning theme from the video game, Justice League: Task Force, for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.

Availability: Mainly seen on some Japanese anime and other shows from the era.

Scare Factor: Medium. You may be surprised because of the music and the background's darkness, but it is a cute logo.

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