Disney Jokemation

Logo descriptions by CokeFan12
Logo captures by CokeFan12
Disney Jokemation
Nicknames: "Crayon Mickey", "The Crayon Drawing"
Logo: On a black background (actually looks more like a black carpet), we see a hand grabbing a paper. The hand covers the camera with it, and then it cuts to a white background with a crudely-drawn Mickey Mouse's head, done in crayon. Below it is a crudely-written "DiSNEY" in red, again written in crayon. Below the DiSNEY text is, in Jokerman font, the blue text "JOKEMATION"
FX/Cheesy Factor: High. Though it's intended to be like that.
Music/Sounds: The Walt Disney Television logo music.
Availability: Scarce. Disney rarely made joke animations. First seen in Mickey Mouse Farts (2000).
Scare Factor: Minimal.

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