Downtown Entertainment

Background: Downtown Entertainment was a book reseller based in Stow, Massachusetts. The company acquired books published in the United Kingdom and often bundled them with three additional stories. In 1990, they expanded their business model and began distributing independent animated films. They simultaneously produced book adaptations, with the intention on helping producers cut corners on merchandising; they would be commissioned to assist on a project and for a single price, would work on promotional deals. This would ultimately lead to the company's undoing as they were unable to break even on sales and filed for bankruptcy in 1996.

Logo: We pan through shots of Stow and Boston, Massachusetts. It stops on a single building as searchlights form around it. It then cuts to numerous fragments forming an illustration of skyscrapers. "DOWNTOWN Entertainment" fades in below.

Variant: The later half is shown.

FX/SFX: A majestic fanfare, or the closing theme of the program.

Availability: Appeared on numerous Koch/Kearny productions, namely the Junior Angels series of tapes and Lily's 21 Days of Christmas. Peter Rogers Organization reissued the latter and this logo is kept intact.

Editors Note: The first and latter halves don't mend well together, with the former seemingly occurring for aesthetic purposes.

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