Drown Pictures

Nicknames: OMG!, The Drowning Boy, WTH!, Water Horse Ripoff, The lazy people won't help him.

1st Logo (2011- )

Logo: First, we see a river with gleaming waters for a few seconds, then we see two feet walking carefully into the water, then it fades to reveal a boy walking into the water, the camera is behind him, then it fades to see the boy from up-front half way into the water. He seems to have a fear of swimming, then the picture flashes into the back of him showing him still walking, he is breathing hardly, then we see the boy already half way into the water looking down, then something pulls him. We see the boy underwater from a far then fades to an upclose scene of him mumbling and moving his arms around, apparently he's crying for help. Then it fades to him sinking down and then as soon as it just shows his hand, the words
DROWN PICTURES, fade in. DROWN is in a scary font and PICTURES is purple and small.

Variants: The logo would be extended sometimes.
A color version of the print logo with Drown Pictures in the same font next to it on a background of the water

FX: Pure live action. The boy,and water

Cheesy Factor: Cheese Me! The logo is just scenes of Angus in the river in the beginning scene of The Water Horse:Legend of the Deep. How Unprofessional!

Music/Sounds: The boy breathing, the sounds of water splashing children laughing, and a scary music piece while the boy is drowning and mumbling

Availibility: Common. Seen on most horror, thriller, and suspense movies of 2012

Scare Factor: Nightmare, for when the boy is pulled down into the water, for the beginning Minimal.

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