1st Logo
(June 23, 1993 - September 1, 1999)

Nickname: "The E-Kid", "Yoo-hoo!", "EVIX Is Natural!", "E-Kid"

Logo: On a white background, we a crudely drawn, red E-shaped character, whose name is the E-Kid, waving his arm at the camera saying "Yoo-hoo!". And then he jumps as the black "EVIX" text appeared above him with a blue "Inc." appearing below "EVIX". The E-Kid then says "EVIX is natural"

  • There is a variation where the text "E/i" in the Comic Sans font appeared above the EVIX logo. That variant was added in October 1995 right after the release of Nintendo Animation's Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island film.
  • There is a variation where the camera quickly goes through a doorway on a black background and the E-Kid is seen against the white background. He jumps out of the door when he opens it and shouts "Ta-da!" and a cheer is heard in the background. This was a very short-lived version and was only played after the credits of EVIX animated holiday specials.
  • There is an another variant, sort of like the "Ta-da!" variant, where it first takes place on a black background. Then the door opens and the E-Kid peeks in. Then he peeks out and the door closes. Then a main character from show (depending on what you watched it on) peeks in and peeks out. Then the door opens and the E-Kid and the character jumps out and they yell "SURPRISE!" as the pink EVIX text appeared above them. This was usually played in-between shows as a promo.
FX/SFX: The Japanese animation.

Cheesy Factor: The 90's-style animation and drawings looks like a rip-off of the PBS P-Pals. Speaking of P-Pals, this is the first time anime characters where drawn by the same person who drew P-Pals.

Music/Sounds: An 90's Eurobeat tune with a lot of drums. The "Ta-da!" variation just has loud cheering and the "Surprise!" variation has the characters yelling the variation's name. The E-Kid resembles a lot like the K-Kid, KET's Kids Club mascot.

Availability: Scarce; it has a slim chance of appearing on EVIX and Miyuu Studios shows from 1993-1999 if either Japanese or English TV shows is airing them, but your best bets are EVIX Home Video releases from the late '90s including Kimi and Me! tapes from 1999 before the logo ended (Not sure if the DVD versions has this logo or the 2nd logo). The original version of this logo is also preserved on some Anime House Video releases of Milky episodes, including "Dream Land". When Nick Jr. 2 airs TK episodes from the era, it cuts to a commercial break right before the logo starts. The "Ta-da!" and "Surprise!" variants are extinct, with the short "Ta-da!" variant in particular very short-lived. However, it was used on the Japanese Fuji TV and the English WTHA-TV until late 2008. The logo made its first appearance on the Japanese Hama-San episode "There's A Fly on the Wall!". Until September 1, 1999, the 1999 anime series Hiyoshi! also had that logo.

Scare Factor:
  • Low for the normal versions because of the crude drawing style and the loud jingle. Nevertheless, this logo is well-liked by people who grew up in the '90s. But it's also one of the most annoying logos ever, thanks to the music, which is very catchy to the point of irritation.
  • Medium for the "Ta-da!" and "Surprise!" variations; the sudden appearance, fast zoom in and music along with the same things from the normal version may spook some.

2nd Logo
(September 1, 1999 - October 25, 2013 )

Nickname: "NYA!", "Ms. Nya", "EVIX Cat"

Logo: On a red background, a pink cat named Ms. Nya will appear running up to the screen, meowing at the viewer (or saying "Nya!" in the Japanese version). The background turns blue, then a cloud appears in the center. The cat jumps on the cloud that reads "EVIX Inc." and looks at the viewer. An URL address for EVIX Inc. appears at the bottom left of the screen.
  • This logo was designed and animated by Nyoki Tetsuma, who also done the only animation for the E-Kid from the previous logo.
  • On September 1, 1999 10 new idents and logos for EVIX were introduced. For the first few weeks, they were used in tandem with the first logo. Eventually, they replaced the first logo.
  • This logo first appeared in the March 1999 issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, around the time when Hiyoshi! was first introduced in Japan.

  • On VHS and DVD releases of EVIX shows, the word "Video" appears below the logo.
  • There's a variation where Ms. Nya, turns into a flower tiger, then a bird, and finally a UFO. She says "Yow!" instead of meowing or saying "Nya!", and the EVIX logo is shown. There are stars in this background. Also, like the regular variant at the lower left hand of the screen, the URL address for EVIX will appear like before.

: All the Japanese animation in the logo.

Cheesy Factor: The logo's animation will straight right out of the later Pokémon anime seasons!

Music/Sounds: A cat meowing before she jumps on a cloud. At the end, the kids ends up eventually singing "EVIX Incorporated!".

Availability: This logo is no longer in use, but it is still seen on most EVIX and Miyuu shows from 1999 to 2013. Also can be seen on VHS and DVD releases as well like Hiyoshi! tapes and TK tapes from late 2000. A few episodes of the teen program Right Back At The Track! also ended with this logo.

Scare Factor: None. Most may find the music and visuals entertaining. Older viewers who preferred the older logos may find these boring.

3rd Logo
(September 1, 1999 - October 25, 2013 )

Nickname: "Ms. Nya II", "EVIX Cat II", "Hey Miss!"

Logo: The logo shows Ms. Nya doing a certain activity, before the EVIX cloud logo is shown.

Variants: Here are some of the variations of the activities included:
  • Sandbox
  • Eating cat food
  • Balloons
  • Carnival
  • Falling in the pit by an accident
  • Garden
  • There is also a logo that was shown every Saturday, where it takes place in the futuristic place where Ms. Nya avoids a bunch of parrots, which is an appealing "action logo".

FX/SFX: All the Japanese animation.

Music/Sounds: The 2nd ident's jingle once again, but without Ms. Nya meowing. Often a single kid simply says "EVIX". The musical instruments these variants are played with vary depending on the activity, exactly like the 9th PBS Ident and a 6th PBS Kids ident.
  • Sandbox has a synth-organ.
  • Cat Food has a xylophone.
  • Balloons has a whistle.
  • Carnival has a calliope music.
  • Pit has a square wave.
  • Garden has a J-Pop music.
  • Instead of the 2nd ident's jingle, the Japanese version of the Saturday variant has the song "Honey Punch" by Riyu Kosaka. The English version the same variant has the song "Around the World (Lalalalalala)" by ATC.
Availability: Currently seen on older prints of EVIX shows. Saved whenever EVIX decides to re-air Digimon Battle.

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo
October 25, 2013 - present)

Nickname: "Ms. Nya III", "EVIX Cat III", "The New Nya the Cat", "Ms. Nya and Mr. Nya"

In the same purpose as the 3rd logo, the logo shows Ms. Nya (this time was redesigned), and a new character named Mr. Nya, doing a certain activity, before the new EVIX logo, which has a rainbow on it instead of clouds, is shown. That is seen on every variation, meaning that the EVIX clouds logo is retired.

Here are some of the variations of the activities included:
  • Seasaw
  • Bees
  • City Race
  • Basketball
  • Dancing
  • Piano
FX/SFX: A new Japanese animation with a mix of CGI.

Music/Sounds: The music from the 2nd logo is used again, but without Ms. Nya meowing the or the kid saying "EVIX" at the end. Like the previous logo, the musical instruments these variants are played with vary depending on the activity. Also, the 2nd logo's theme can be heard in different pitches.

Music/Sounds Variants: Currently used on EVIX shows.

Availability: Absolutely none. These logos are too cute and humorous to be considered scary.

Scare Factor: Example.

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