El Clapo Productions

Logo 1:
Nicknames: "ELL...CLAPO", "The Scissors"

Logo: On a Dull, Gray BG, There is A Pair Of Orange Scissors Wearing A Sombrero. They Shake A Couple Of Times.

Variant: On Only 5 Episodes Of "Iqua-La", The Logo Plays Normally, Only To Explode Like An H-Bomb.

FX/Cheesy Factor: The Shaking.

Music/Sound Effects: A Male, Distorted, Froggy Mexican Voice Saying "EEEEEELLLLL....clapo"

Availability: Common. Only Seen On 2001-2009 Episodes Of The Antarctican Sketch Show "Iqua-La"

Scare Factor: Median To High.

Logo 2:
Nicknames: "Tame Scissors", Tame EL CLAPO"

Logo: Same As Above, But is On a Flag And Waving.

FX: The Shaking, Like A Flag.

Music/Sound Effects: A Mexican Child Saying "El Clapo!".

Availability: Current: Seen On Post-2009 Episodes Of "Iqua-La", And The Antarctican Flash Show "Daemonz".

Scare Factor: None. A Cute Logo.

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