Error Productions


Logo: We see a Windows 95-styled message box, that has the title bar reading "Welp...", the message reading "Error Productions", and the "Shut Down" button below it.

SFX/FX: None.

Cheese Factor: Completely destroys the scale! This logo was made with Atom Smasher.

  • Starting in 2009, the Windows XP "X" circle was replaced with a red "X".
  • On Pinchy Nicky, A trash can (a very full one) is in the place of the "X" and it is on a Windows XP error box instead of a Windows 95/98 error box. Also, The Ultimate Enterprise "Snap" logo follows it.
  • On Ickis' Birthday, The "X" is replaced with a birthday cake.
  • On the Snap's World episode, "Pirate Invasion" the "X" is replaced by a skull head.
  • On I Found A Bug In My Software, The "X" is replaced by the MSN butterfly
Music/Sounds: None, usually. But during October 2002 - May 2003, the Windows XP Error Sound was used.
Music/Sounds Variations:
  • On "Pirate Invasion", an ARRRGH sound chip is used.
  • On I Found A Bug In My Software, a butterfly says "YA'LL ANTS!"
Avalibility: Rare

Scare Factor: None, For variations, Low.

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