Eyriesink Films

Eyriesink was founded in 1972 by Ulysses and Christina Dragonwyck. This husband and wife team, having made money off of their cartoons, decided to put their cartoons to film. This company made thousands of dollars, and in 1999, Malamute and Eyriesink decided to merge to form MalamiteInk. All three divisions of the company still exist as divisions of MalamiteInk.

1st Logo
Nicknames: "The Gaudy Coloured Gryphon", "Early 70's Eyriesink Gryphon", "Eyriesink Gryphon on a Shoestring Budget"
Logo: We see a golden gryphon on a light green background. The words "Eyriesink presents..." are underneath in a neon pink colour.
Sound Effects: The gryphon squawking.
Music: A triumphant fanfare.
FX: None.
Cheesy Factor: Gold, light green and neon pink do not go together, not in this day and age, at least. And they should have least moved the gryphon's beak when the squawk sound is heard.
Availability: Intact on all DVD releases of Eyriesink films of that era by Eyriesink Video, MalamiteInk Video, and the Blake Channel airings of the original version of Dragonfire (1974).
Scare Factor: High. The squawking, the stillness and the music can all scare the pants off of you.

2nd Logo
Nicknames: "Late 70's Eyriesink Gryphon", "That Dragonfire Logo"
Logo: We see a golden gryphon walking around on a light green background. A golden pedestal appears and it jumps onto it. It spreads it's wings and squawks as "Eyriesink Presents..." appears underneath in a golden colour.
Sound Effects: A cartoony jumping sound as the gryphon jumps onto the pedestal, the sound of wings opening as it spreads it's wings, and a squawking sound.
Music: A jazzy instrumental that stops when the gryphon spreads it's wings.
Cheesy Factor: Very rough animation, and doesn't fit the studio in this era.
Availability: Intact on all DVD releases of Eyriesink films of that era. Seen plastering the '72 to '76 logo on the Malamite Channel airings of Dragonfire (1974). Technical errors made this logo appear at the end of a 2009 Malamite Channel airing of Kappa Mikey, as well as an 2008 airing of Warriors: The Animated Series on the same channel.

3rd Logo
Nicknames: "The Chrome Gryphon"
Logo: We see a starscape. One of the stars twinkles, and then a 3D-animated gryphon runs towards the screen. It turns chrome, and then "Eyriesink Presents..." appears underneath it.
Sound Effects: Twinkly noises. Lots and lots of twinkly noises.
Music: A synthesizer tune.
Cheesy Factor: The gryphon is roughly animated, and the Eyriesink Presents blurb is thrown onto the screen with scanimate.
Availability: One of the rarest Eyriesink logos. Hardly any Eyriesink films from this era are on DVD, and most of these are unofficial releases that plaster this logo. However, it's seen on Eyriesink Video releases of "Thorns and Roses" and "Lucia Jayfeather's Alice in Wonderland". It's left intact on all Malamite Channel airings of films of this era, though, but they aren't played that much.

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