Filmsvenska (Sweden)

1st logo
Filmsvenska (1990)
Logo: We see the frozen rock surface with the cliff and the cloudy sky with an blue shining. It snows around, and we see a gorilla walking towards the cliff. We pan around the gorilla, which stands still, then roars. The landscape transforms into a black sphere. the background turns 25% gray. We see, in pink letters, the word "FILMSVENSKA" appears from behind the sphere and circling it quickly. We zoom out and the sphere moves to the center, as the word "FILMSVENSKA" straightens itself out and takes it's place across the sphere and the gorilla fades out and disappears.
FX/SFX: Very good animation of the frozen landscape with snow, and the transformation of the logo.
Music/Sounds: An atmospheric music entry followed with gorilla growling, and then a three-note violin tune.
Availability: Seen on movie DVD's in Sweden.
Scare Factor: Low.

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