Flipbook Productions

Flipbook Productions is a company founded by Chris F. in 2011. It produces animated TV shows and movies. The studio is currently producing a movie called Chance and the Giants: The Movie, that is based of one of Flipbook's shows, and will be released in 2018.
Nicknames: "The Flipbook" "Flipbooking 101"
Logo: On a desk, We seek a flipbook. A hand grabs it and the flipbook starts to flip. We zoom into the flipbook, and the text 'Flipbook" writes itself on there. When it's done, the background turns black and "Productions" fades in.

  • The short version of the logo was seen at the end of movies and TV Shows.
  • On 3D releases, the "Productions" text zooms in more to create the 3-D illusion when we are wearing 3-D glasses.
  • One variation only shows the word "Flipbook" with a line underneath it. This was only used at the end of Flipbook's first film, "Wereskunked".
  • Another variant is where the Flipbook text falls onto the screen instead of writing.
FX/SFX:The hand, the flipbook flipping, and the text. This logo has beautiful 2D animation done by Flipbook.
Music/Sounds: A flipping sound when the flipbook is being flipped, and a drawing sound when "Flipbook is written.
Availability: Common. Can be seen on all of Flipbook's TV shows and movies. The version with the falling text is rare and only appeared on "Wereskunked Again".
Scare Factor: None.

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