Forbidden Features

Background: Forbidden Features is a video distribution company that's known for distributing uncut versions of films and anime, mondo films, horror films, art films, surrealist movies as well as films that've been banned from public viewing. All of its releases since 2001 are distributed by Spade Media. In spite of being formed in 1996, the company didn't use a logo until 1999.


Logo: On a background featuring rapidly changing colors, we see a light grey box containing the text "FORBIDDEN FEATURES" in black. Beneath it is information on whatever film is about to be shown, giving the intended year of release, its status, an explanation of the film's ultimate rejection, a rating, info regarding sexual content or strong language and (less often) info for audio providers.

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: The first section of "First Rendezvous" by Jean Michel-Jarre.

Availability: Seen on films within the aforementioned genres.

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