Gaheris Filmgroup

Background: Gaheris Group was established in Switzerland by Otho Gaheris in 1999 as the movie and entertainment distributor. It posessed one film development subsidiary in mother country - Gaheris Films, outsourced in 2010, and three units in Germany - EDKO, Time and Videomark.

1st Logo
(1999 - 2010)

Nickname: "Hand-Drawn GF" Gaheris Film Group

Logo: Two tilted letters of G and F fly from beyond and slightly rotate (accordingly to right and left)
to their normal positions while moving, then stop. The outline along with the name appear.

FX/SFX: Moving letters.

Music/Sounds: A few passes of light violin.

Availability: Can be found on DVDs in Switzerland.

Scare Factor: Nothing to see and to be scared of.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Depressive G" Gaheris Group (2010)

Logo: Lighted stripe come to the center of the gray field. Letters of the GAHERIS appear in disperse, created in a clouds of ghostlight. Then the darker edges come and
wipe the center out.

FX/SFX: Moving letters.

Music/Sounds: Cosmic sounds and muffled jingling.

Availability: Will be found on DVDs and newest films released by Gaheris Films.

Scare Factor: Low.