Galaxis Filmverleih (Germany)

Background: Galaxis Filmverleih is a German film distributor founded in 1997 by the sister-and-brother team of film producers Laura and Tobias Schmidt. Its first release, the anime film Night on the Galactic Railroad, was distributed late that year. Since then, the distributor has been known to distribute anime, independent and foreign films as well as some low-to-mid-budget American films. Buena Vista International has owned the rights to co-distribute the company's releases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company also spawned film production and home video divisions.

1st logo
Nickname: "The Galaxy and the Comet", "Explosive Comets", "Quick! Run From the Flashing Comet Explosion!"
Logo: On a space background, two comets come from both sides of the screen and collide in the center, causing a gigantic flash, which fades to the camera zooming past several planets, eventually fading to a galaxy. Another comet whizzes from the left to the right sides of the screen, carrying the lowercase word "galaxis" with it, stopping in the center in front of the galaxy. The words "Filmverleih Zeigt" (Film distribution presents) fade in below.
FX: The comets colliding and causing a flash, the camera zooming past the planets, and the comet whizzing by with "galaxis" settling in front of the galaxy and the words fading in.
Cheesy Factor: Even for 1997, this is sub-par CGI. On a side note, the music doesn't really fit the theme for the logo.
Music: The fanfare for the first Golden Princess Amusement logo (at about 0:19 in this video)
Availability: Common, it can be seen on every VHS and DVD release by the company. It has even appeared on non-German prints of films produced by its film production division during the time period.
Scare Factor: Medium, the loud fanfare and fast-paced animation may bother first-time viewers. Low for those used to seeing it.

2nd logo
Nickname: "Space: The Final Frontier"
Logo: On a space background, we zoom out past numerous planets. Then a shooting star whizzes towards the right side of the camera, causing a white flash. The flash then fades out to reveal the Milky Way zooming out from the center of the screen. The word "Galaxis" zooms out letter-by-letter and settles in front of the galaxy and the word "FILMVERLEIH" (spaced out to accomodate the length of "Galaxis") fades in below as the logo shines.
Variant: On every film released in 2007, the logo wouldn't fade out. Instead, a lens flare movement from both sides of the screen causes a flash that reveals the words "10 YEARS" and "1997-2007" below on a space background.
FX: The planets zooming, the shooting star flying, the white flash revealing the Galaxy zooming out, the word "Galaxis" zooming out and the word "FILMVERLEIH" fading in.
Cheesy Factor: Good CGI for 2003, though it would become somewhat dated long before 2012.
Music: Outer space ambience along with a fiery whoosh sound effect when the comet whizzes by and causes the flash, a series of whoosh sounds when the letters spelling "Galaxis" zoom out and synth shining sounds when the logo shines.
Availability:Common. It was shown before every film released by the company during the period and is retained on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray releases along with the 1994 Buena Vista International logo. The "10 Years" variant appears on every film released by the company in 2007.
Scare Factor: Low to medium, the whoosh sounds and animation may bother some (especially those who saw any of their releases in a movie theater) but not so much if you're used to it.

3rd logo