1st Logo
(July 1, 1960-August 10, 1990)
Ghostwater - CLG Wiki's Dream LogosGhostwater - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
Nickname: "Clyde the Ghost"

Logo: We see an orange ghost (which was named Clyde in 1982). Below the ghost is the text GHOSTWATER LLC.

Variant: Later, when Pac-Man is introduced, Clyde holds up a sign that says "Making cartoons, one extra life at a time. 1960-1982"

FX: None.

Music/Sounds: In 1960 it has horror movie music, a boy saying "Boo.", then he says "This is a Ghostwater production" In 1982, Pacman's level start music is heard and the boy says "Hey people, now my name is Clyde."

Availability: Can be seen on Arosy Teenz channel airings of KittyBoy season 1 (1984-1988).

Scare Factor: Low, the kid saying "Boo." sound like a 10 year old boy. Minimal for the 1982 variant.

2nd Logo
(September 21, 1990-February 7, 2003)
Ghostwater - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
Nickname: "The New Clyde"

Logo: Clyde, now blue, flys into the screen until we see his face. The ghost shakes. The text "GHOSTWATER LLC." fades in.

FX: The ghost, the text fading.

Sounds: Clyde saying "WOAH!" while this ghost's face is on the screen he says "Oh my god." While the ghost shakes a bounicng noise is heard.

Availability: On the Scott Pilgrim unaired pilot on the dvd of Glitch volume 1, and on 1000 Ways to Live.

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo
(March 28, 2003-September 10, 2010)
Ghostwater - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
Nicknames: "Wandering Ghost", "The Boogeyman's Son"

Logo: White dots wander and make a ghost. The ghost is made by connected by the dots and floating. The text "ghostwater" appears.

FX: The dots, the background, the ghost.

Sounds: Water drips.

Availability: On Argosy Teenz programs by Ghostwater.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, the background and the ghost and the dots are sad and reminds you of your pet's death.

4th Logo
(October 13, 2010-October 31st, 2011)
Ghostwater (2010-present)
Nickname: "The Joshua Bates Ghost"

Trivia: Josh Bates controled Ghostwater in 2010 to today.

Logo: A black screen appears then a picture of a ghost appears with the text "GHOSTWATER" appears then it goes back to the black screen.

Variant:On Kittyboy's 10th season it says "a GHOSTWATER production for BBC Three." and the ghost is 8-Bit.

FX: None, there's a black screen then a static image and the black screen.

Music: A recorder playing 3 notes "A","G", and "A".

Availability: available on airings of Ghostwater TV series during the time.

Scare Factor: Very low bordering to medium, the ghost looks scary, and the music is more sadder than the 3rd logo's one. But the Kittyboy variant is so awesome.

5th Logo
(October 31st, 2011- )
Ghostwater (2011)
Nickname: "The 2nd Joshua Bates Ghost"

Logo: The ghost from the fourth logo has blue circles for eyes. then, the blue text "Ghostwater" appears.

FX: None, just static.

Music: Same as the last logo

Availability: On Vast Away: the animated series, and shows during the time.

Scare Factor: None.