HBO Independent Productions Sucks

1st Logo (2007-2008)

Nicknames: "The Death of UV Light of Doom", "Silversword55 Owns HBO"

Logo: We seea wall with a light on top, along with a white board, with one of the three variants just like the actual logo. The hand reaches in, but Silver grabs the hand, and breaks the bones. Then Silversword55 grabs a hammer, and smashes the white board ten times until it crumbles. By the 4th hammer strike, he starts swinging the hammer harder, (Mark VII Limited style) and by the 8th hammer strike, he begun to swing the hammer to the logo like A-Rod knocking a homerun (Go Yankees!) In the final hammer strike, Silver yells "GET A NEW LOGO!" and the logo crumbles, revealing
the red print HIP logo from 1996-2005, followed by the stamp reading "SUCKS" prints on it.

  • The short version skips all the way to after the 9th strike.
  • There is also a variation after HBO Sports Programming. It has everything of the long version of the regular logo explained above, but instead of getting a hammer, Silver gets some metal boxing gloves and delivers a knockout punch that is similar to Mike Tyson's. The logo goes flying. After that happens, he yells "That's what you get for scaring me with that piece of *beep* logo!!!!" Then Silver turns to face the screen, and says "This has been a presentation of HBO Sports."
  • Another variation is seen before Inside the NFL. We see Silversword55 again, wearing a football uniform, he says "Blue 32, HUT!" And he throws the football at the ultraviolet lamp, causing an explosion. The music in this variation is one of the NFL Films many songs.
  • Another variation is seen after movies. We see Silversword55 again, wearing a Waste Management uniform. He screams 'This logo is GARBAGE!" He immediately grabs the UV Light of Doom, which is the gray panel with the ultraviolet lamp attached to the top of it and the white board to the middle, lifts it, and puts it in a HUGE garbage bag. He then walks with the bag, walks out of a building, and we see a Waste Management truck parked right on the garage on the building. Silver threw the garbage bag holding the UV Light of Doom on to the back of the truck, closed the back of the truck, and drives to a waste dump somewhere in New Jersey. Silver gets the bag, and says "HBO, you trying to scare the daily lights out of people, you ain't scaring me." and threw the bag at the dump. He then grabs a torch, lights it up, and tossed it at the dump, burning the whole dump in the process. The only thing left was the UV Light of Doom. He then gets a monster truck, and ran over the gray panel with the ultraviolet lamp and thewhite boardabove with the big tires. The remains of the gray panel, the ultraviolet lamp and the whiteboard is cracked to a million pieces. Silver laughs maniacally, and the screen fades to the red print HIP logo from 1996-2005, followed by the stamp reading "SUCKS" prints on like in the standard logo.
  • On the November 15, 2007 version of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, there was a surprise variation of Silver performing the Kamehameha on the UV Light of Doom (ala Dragon Ball Z) after the show!
  • On the HBO Games, the standard logo plays as normal, but at the end, the words "HBO Independent Productions Sucks" appear on a black screen instead of the print logo with the stamp.
  • Another variation is seen on Christmas episodes of everything produced by HBO. A Santa Claus robot walks in to the front of the UV Light of Doom. It grabs a stocking, and pours coal all over the UV Light of Doom, then Santa grabs a match and burns the UV Light of Doom, but it gets more exciting. Santa grabs a fire extinguisher, and sprays it on the UV Light of Doom. Then Santa whistles. A Robot that looks like the robot that FOX uses for its NFL Coverage runs, and starts dancing. Santa and the Robot grab some shoulder pads, and ram the UV Light of Doom, like a herd of buffalo, causing to break through the board. Then both Santa and the Robot do the Soulja Boy. Later, the Robot takes off its whole body, to reveal that none other than Silversword55 was in the robot suit. Then Santa reveals that he's really Optimus Prime from the 2007 movie, Transformers, but the blue on him is green. Both of them say "Die, you darn UV Light of Doom!" The two then laugh.
  • Another variation is seen on MLB programming on HBO (if there is any). Silver gets a paper of the Boston Red Sox logo, and places it on the UV Light of Doom. He then grabs a rocket launcher, and crosshairs appear on both the Boston Red Sox logo, and the UV Light of Doom, and launches the rockets, causing an atom bomb explosion in the process. Silver says "Ignore the Red Sux", and then runs away laughing.
  • Yet another variation, this time it was seen on the Tekken movie. We see the UV Light of Doom, and Silversword55 appears again, he grabs the sladgehammer, but then he says "To hell with this. I'm tired of owning you HBO." He then grabs a microphone and says "HEIHACHI!!!!!!!" (from the Tekken video game series) Heihachi then teleports from Japan to the front of the UV Light of Doom. Silver then commands him to unleash the electric blast on the UV Light of Doom, and he does so, causing the UV lamp to overload and shatter, sending sparks to burn the board. And then Silver calls out "LAWRENCE TAYLOR" (the Giants LB from the 80's and early 90's). Taylor teleports to the front of the UVLoD, and then all 3 people grab a huge laser gun, which burns the wall. And the surprise is, Silversword55 designed the gray wall with the white board and UV lamp which looks exactly like the UVLoD, but instead, it reads "HBO - JUST GOT OWNED!" on the board, Silver's hand reaches a light switch, and the sound effect is the beat of the "Final Countdown" song by Europa, and Silver himself saying "And the UV Light of Doom is no more."

SFX: The logo crumbling.

Music: The clangs of the hammer, a sound of a machine crumbling and breaking down after the 10th hammer strike, followed the banging sound when the "SUCKS" stamp printing appears.

Availability: Any show that HBO produces.

Scare Factor: None for the people who hate the logo, because it is finally gonna crumble.

2nd Logo

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