Hidden Zone Pictures (Philippines)

Logo descriptions by SnowflakesOmega


Nicknames: "The Collision of Intra Films World Sales and UCI Cinemas"; "Filipino Ball of Doom", "Intra Films World Sales Rip-Off", "Swedish Skyline III: Now Worse Than Before"

Logo: We zoom out from a night skyline with searchlights at night. A yellow ball leaving a trail then appears from the right and swirls around the bottom area of the screen. The ball then slows down and wipes in "HIDDEN ZONE" in a SEGA-like font, then goes down, turns left and also wipes in "PICTURES", also in the SEGA-like font. A white TV tube then wipes in around the text. The ball then spins around the wordmark, and gets more closer on each turn, before it approaches the screen and fills it before the whole logo cuts to black.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Cheesy Factor: Even for 1996, this goes way off the scale! First of all, the logo uses 70's era 2D effects (expected from a low-budget Philippine film company). Second, the skyline is obviously stolen from the one seen on the Esselte Video and Intra Films World Sales logos. And third, the animation and morse code makes it look a lot like the latter logo, and what's more, the idea of the ball spinning and slowly taking over the screen is originally from the UCI Cinemas 90's cinema trailer, to make things more unoriginal.

Music/Sounds: After a crash hit, we hear a droning dramatic string note, a laser zap, and a high-pitched morse code plays after, with the strings still heard. When the screen cuts to black, we hear an explosion sound which still plays even when the opening scene of the movie comes in.

Availability: Extremely rare. Only seen on Elvis: lihim na indibidwal, Bantay tagabantay labintatlo, and Elepante ng timog.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare. The logo is very dramatic and dark, and people scared off the Intra Films and UCI Cinemas logos may also get scared since this logo is, literally, a combination of the two. This is expected from their drama-filled films, however.

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