International Video Entertainment

What if International Video Entertainment continued? The result is this. Click here for real logos.

4th Logo
IVE (1993)
Nicknames: "Clapping II"

: Same as the 1986 logo, only with a few differences:

  • The background is black with a purple border. Also, an orange background is used.
  • The IVE grid logo is replaced by the 2nd logo's rectangle.

    Variant: In the early years, there is no "TM" symbol.

    FX/SFX: Everything.

    : The 1986 logo jingle. In the early years, a remixed version of the 1986 logo jingle.

    : Seen on 1990-1995 IVE releases.

    Scare Factor
    : None, the logo is better now.

    5th Logo


    IVE (1996)
    Nicknames: "Still IVE".

    Logo: On a green BG, we see a giant "IVE" with a globe above the "I". "International Video Entertainment, Inc." is seen below.

    FX/SFX: None.

    Music/Sounds: None.

    : Seen on all IVE releases of this era from 1995 to 1999.

    Scare Factor
    : Low, due the "IVE".

    6th Logo

    IVE (2003)
    Nicknames: "Space IVE".

    Logo: On a space background, we see the same "IVE" from before. Later, the words "International Video Entertainment, Inc." fade in. The logo then shines.

    FX/SFX: The fading and shining.

    Music/Sounds: None.

    Availability: Seen on 1999-2005 IVE releases.

    Scare Factor: None.

    7th Logo

    (2005- )

    IVE (2007)
    Nicknames: TBA.

    Logo: On a space background, we see a giant sun slowly sliding in from the bottom. Giant rays pop up and form "IVE" in a weird font. "International Video Entertainment, Inc." fade in as always.

    FX/SFX: The sun and the rays.

    Music/Sounds: A rumbling sound, followed by loud whooshes as the letters appear.

    Availability: Seen on current IVE releases.

    Scare Factor: Medium.

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