JETIX Television

Fox Kids Television
1st logo
Nicknames:Century Fox KIDS The zooming out
Logo:We see a Fox Kids Structure zooming out and its fade to print

FX:The zooming out

Cheesy Factor:...something thrashed logo...

Music Sounds:The closing Theme of show or NONE


Scare Factor:...None its boring
Jetix Television
1st logo
Jetix Prototype LogoEarlier Prototype Logo
Logo:We see the familiar Jetix cat but on a prototype version below the cat we see JETIX TELEVISION In a ARIAL BLACK Font

FX:The cat looking around
Variants:A earlier prototype was seen where the cat is yellow and Jetix Prototype Television was below the cat This logo is still
Cheesy Factor:TBA
Music Sounds:The Closing Theme of The show
Scare Factor:Low to the normal variant,None for the earilier

2nd logo

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