JamariJay Productions

1st Logo Febuary 14,1985-January 31,1990

Logo:On a blue back ground we zoom 9.0 speed in outer space.We pass the Earth the someone off screen says"cut,zoom back to the Earth'.And JamariJay PRODUCTIONS form.

Closing Logo: The same thing but it lands at Saturn.And the same person says I'm out of here and The enD.

FX:The earth and the planets.

Cheesy Factor:The Earth is not even in color the planets every thing is in B/W!

Music/Sounds:A loud SSSWWWOOOSSSHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Availblty:Extreamly Rare/ Near Extinction


2nd logo Febuary 1,1991-September 31,2002
Logo:Just the plain words on a Green circle.The words are in Orange.
Closing Logo:The same as the 1st logo
Cheesy factor:NONE
Avaiblty:Plasters Every logo
scare factor:None for the begining
None to nightmare for the end

3rd logo October 1,2002-Present

Logo same as the 1985 logos
Closing same as the 2002 logo
FX:same as the 1985 logo
Cheesy factor same as 1985 logos
Rest is TBA