Julia Distribution

1st Logo

Logo:On a white BG,the word "Julia" zooms out and then moves to the left,then "Distribution" does the same way as "Julia",except it moves to the right.

FX:The zooming,the moving,which is very...

Cheesy Factor:...simplistic and bad,this explains that the level for this is Medium to High.

Music/Sounds:The ending theme of the show.

Availability:Common but a bit rare. Means:This was on the shows of the time and on re-airs,but in some re-airings this logo is plastered up by the current logo.

Scare Factor:Low.

2nd Logo
Julia 2001
Logo:On a black background,a light streak comes by. It eventually shines some kind of object. The light streak explode,lighting all of the "object". The "object" is revealed to be a stack of text reading:
and in the back of it,it shines.

FX:The light streak,the shining.

Music/Sounds:Simply composed of just whooshes and "swishes" that go with this logo.


Scare Factor:None.

3rd Logo
Julia Distribution - 2009Julia Distribution Widescreen/HD - 2010
Logo:Over a blue sky background with green floor,the word "JULIA" with an taller "J" to the bottom,zooms out. A flare shines in the top right corner of the screen.

FX:The zooming,the flare shining.

Variant:Exists a HD/widescreen version in late 2008.

Music/Sounds:A whoosh. Sometimes blended with the end theme.

Availability:Current. Sometimes plastered the 1st or 2nd logos in shows from 1987-1996 or 1997-2007.

Scare Factor:None to low. The sudden new logo could surprize viewers at the time of the logo's debut.