KBCharge Films

Background: This company was founded by Nathan Blake, a billionaire, and Blake Kenimeir, one of Blake's friends. This company was founded shortly after Blake Media, along with Blake Corporation (which Blake owned all together), due to the selling of AEC, and failure for the rest of BC, went bankrupt. So Blake, under major depression, asked Kenimeir, to form a company together, with Blake's grandmother as the contractor. Shortly after, the company bought Blake's grandmother's company (whom Blake was the adjunct CEO and remains to this day), McScribes (or MC Scribes), Ltd., and because McScribes, Ltd. was not a film company, Blake and Kenimeir decided to have a company that would own KB Charge Films and McScribes, Ltd., and that company would be KBCharge Holdings. Soon after, Blake bought another company he was a part of, Sandi Productions, from TimeWarner for US$1,637,000. More divisions of KB Charge Films and KB Charge Holdings were made (with one of them being the defunct company Railroad Home Entertainment which was revived, rebranded, and renamed as Railroad Films) and soon, KBCharge Holdings, became one of the biggest companies in America, while KBCharge Films became a major film company. KBCharge Films is well known for making for ROFLadventures: The Begining, a precursor to the Sandi Productions series ROFLadventures, and other movies related to Sandi Productions series.

1st Logo

Logo: We start off with a rusty coppertop battery on a black BG zooming out from us. Once the battery has moved out to an appropriate distance, the screen flashes white. Once the flash has died down, the screen has brightened, and we can see futuristic green letters spelling "KB" above the battery, which the battery now has no rust on it. Meanwhile, two purple-tinted lightning bolts hit the sides of the battery, causing another flash, and the white text "CHARGE" to appear on the battery. Shortly after, "FILMS" fades in below. Then, two futuristic red and black ESPN-like bars appear on the top and bottom of the screen. The top one has the white name "Blake Kenimeir", while the other one has the white name "Nathan Blake", depicting what KB means (which is Kenimeir-Blake or Kenimeir Blake). The byline "a KBCHARGE holdings company" appears above the bottom bar, under "FILMS". After a few seconds, the lightning bolts suddenly stop coming from the sides of the screen, causing the screen to dim, the battery falling onto the bottom bar (destroying "FILMS" and the byline in doing so), thus causing an explosion, ending the logo.

FX/SFX: Everything. Sweet CGI, dude.

Music/Sounds: Something similar to the alternative Xbox startup music, with sounds that go with this logo.

Availability: Current. Can be seen on almost anything that Kenimeir and Blake makes.

Scare Factor: None, unless you don't like explosions, or see the scare factor for the alternative Xbox startup on CLG Wiki.