Kendai Pictures

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Background: The Kendai Group was founded on April 5, 1929. It tried to beat its rival, Walt Disney Cartoon Studio. But they couldn't beat them if they didn't have a cartoon studio. So, on May 26, 1932, The Kendai Group founded The Kendai Cartoon Studio. During World War II, The Kendai Cartoon Studio did not make cartoons because they had to go out to war (which is kind of dumb). Therefore, The Kendai Cartoon Studio lost 120 employees and had 150 employees after the war. On August 7, 1967, The Kendai Group thought that they made enough cartoons for all the 3 billion people in the world to enjoy (3 billion was the population of the world from the late 1960's to the late 1970's). So, on February 19, 1968, The Kendai Group founded Kendai Pictures to expand the productions. Kendai Pictures will continue to live on today.

Kendai Cartoon Studio

1st Logo
(May 26, 1932-1939, 1945-July 27, 1955)

May 26, 1932-1939:

Opening Logo: It's just basically a black-and-white logo with the text "THE KENDAI CARTOON STUDIO PRESENTS".

Closing Logo: Same as the opening logo, but the text reads: "A KENDAI CARTOON".

1945-July 27, 1955:

Opening Logo: Same as the 1932 opening logo, except the text is yellow and the backgound is blue. Sometimes the background is red.

Closing Logo: Same as the 1945 opening logo, except the text reads "A KENDAI CARTOON".


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