Klasky Csupo (1965-1992)

What if Klasky Csupo began back in 1965?
1st logo
Nicknames: "Touhou stroke on SSF", "Early Touhou"
Logo: We see the SSF and it says "Strike Touhou" then a Touhou stroke appears and the SSF fades out and then the words Klasky Csupo appears and a byline appears saying "An A Klasky and G Csupo Company"
FX/SFX: Almost everything
Music/Sounds: The SSF saying "Strike Touhou" and the 2000's Klasky Csupo SSF logo, also some Touhou music.
Avability: Common
Scare Factor: Nightmare

2nd logo
Nicknames: "Early Touhou II", "The Flash of the SSF"
Logo: On a country side background, We see the same Klasky Csupo logomark from before, then the logo flashesand the logomark becomes the SSF.
FX/SFX: The flash
Music/Sounds: Same as the 2000's Klasky Csupo SSF logo
Avability: Common
Scare Factor: Low

3rd logo
Nicknames: "Early Touhou III", "Dance-back"
Logo: We see the same logomark from the First 2 logos and then loads of rainbow appears
FS/SFX: The rainbows
Music/Sounds: Retro Dance Music
Avability: Common
Scare Factor: None

4th logo
(1986-1987, 1989)
SeeKlasky Csupo Inc. (1986-1991)

5th logo
SeeKlasky Csupo Inc. (1986-1991)

6th logo

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