Lazzo-Croker-Mzorak Productions

Background: In 2008, a mysterious individual identified only as "WizardDuck" took control of Mozark Productions. WizardDuck decided to do away with the creepy logo from "Designing Women" and other shows... for an even creepier one! He renamed the company "Lazzo/Croker Mzorak Productions" (though Mike Lazzo and Clay Croker, the people named, had no involvement in Mozark/Mzorak whatsoever), and somehow bought the rights to several shows.
Mzorak Productions

Logo: Looks exactly like the 1990 Mozark logo, but instead of filmstrips, we see a picture of Zorak, looking menacingly to the left. The text:


is below the picture.

  • Sometimes, "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" is above the logo. This variant usually precedes the Ghost Planet Industries logo.
  • On at least one episode of "Two and a Half Men", Zorak is seen hypnotizing the audience.

SFX: None, it's a still logo.

Music: The same jingle as in the 1990 Mozark logo. Sometimes, it is replaced with a bizzare combination of the Renaissance Pictures jingle, the 1996 Miller-Boyett jingle, and the 1987 Columbia Pictures Television jingle, ending with Wakko Warner saying "Faboo!".

More Variants:
  • On the SGC2C episode "Art Show", we hear (and see) Zorak saying "Coooool!
  • On "Gossip Girl", the logo's colors are inverted, and the music is backwards, accompanied by Wilma Flintstone saying "Something's up," followed by Zorak saying "Oh no, duh!".
  • Somtimes Zorak Is replaced with Homestar Runner,Strong Bad and The Town King blowing up and dying.

Availability: Common. Appears On Some Shows on channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, USA, Sleuth, Comedy Central, and others.

Scare Factor: Median for the regular variant, and high for the others. The regular music is pretty creepy, and the variants are indescribably weird. We can say for sure, this WizardDuck fellow is pretty twisted!

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