Linux Productions

Editions by WillWill45,BreilLogos

This is open source techie WillWill45's production company.

1st Logo:
Nicknames: "Linux" "Tux the Penguin"

Linux Productions (2008)

Logo:We see the Tux walking onto us,then it 'sits' down. Linux Productions in Helvetica,fades in. Then,the whole logo is turning into what is like you see from an very,very old VHS tape. It cuts into static,then we fade out.

FX: Tux ,the fading,the screen turn into static.

Music/Sounds:No music,just the penguin footsteps,then the 'noise',you know,that you hear on a damaged TV.

Availability:Current,and will be seen on films until 2046.

Scare Factor: Low. The sudden 'noise' sound may catch off-guard most people.

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