Logo Bloopers: MTM Enterprises

Started by LogoMan36

Tutorial: Logo Bloopers: MTM Enterprises is a place where you can post bloopers on the MTM Enterprises logo.

Part 1: I don't know how the logo goes!

If you don't know how the logo goes, then click here.

Part 2: How To Post Bloopers

Posting bloopers onto this page is very simple. Click "EasyEdit" on the very top of this page and post away!

Part 3: Where To Post

Post bloopers under the underlined word "Bloopers:". If a blooper is already under the word, then post the blooper under the previous blooper.

Part 4: How To Post Pictures

I think you already know this, but to those people who don't here it is: You click "EasyEdit" at the very top of this page, then click "Photo" on the EasyEdit Toolbar. It will show you four options:

1. Photo Gallery: Take a photo already added to this site and add it to this page.
2. Upload New Photos (highly recommended by LogoMan36): Add new photos to this page and this website. The picture can be from your computer, a connected hard drive, or a website.
3. Add By Searching: Search Yahoo! or Bing for pictures.
4. Add Slideshow: Add slideshows made by other people onto this page.

NOTE: The Photo feature doesn't work with Safari Web Browser.

OK, I guess you've learned enough now. Have fun posting!!!


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