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This is my page where I make my logos. Enjoy!

MGM-FOX Home Entertainment
(August 2006-)

Logo:On a night starry with the city of Los Angeles at the bottom, the camera scrolls right. Then the head of Leo the Lion appears. He roars. As he does this the camera eases back, showing his whole body. Then searchlights come on and scroll. The camera eases back to reveal the lion on the pedestal, then MGM, then FOX, then HOME and finally, "ENTERTAINMENT" all resting on a pedestal. The camera rests when the searchlights are seen. "A NEWS CORPORATION COMPANY" in gold fades in underneath. Leo roars again and then the logo fades out.

SFX: Absolutely breath-taking CGI! A completely well done logo!

Music: When Leo appears, a majestic, but powerful rendition of the 20th Century Fox fanfare plays, along with Leo roaring.

Availability: Current.

Scare Factor: Low, the lion roaring can get to those who can't stand roaring lions, though the music cuts down on it a bit.

Raiders Pictures

Raiders Pictures

Background: In 1969, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis wanted to enter the movie business, and formed Raiders Pictures. The company released its most successful movie, the blaxpoitation film Jive Turkeys in 1970. But after a string of flops, the company folded in 1973 and Al Davis resumed managing his football team.

Logo: On a white background is the Oakland Raiders logo. The logo is a blach shield with the word "RAIDERS" in white on top. Inside the shield is a raider head (a detailed male head with a black eye patch and is wearing a silver leather football helmet with black stripes). There are two swords behind the raider head.

SFX: None, it's still.

Music: None.

Availability: Seen on the few films the company released, which includes Jive Turkeys. Also appeared on Ballad, White Socks and Nightmare in Kansas City.

Scare Factor: None at all.

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