Lolly Home Media

Background: Lolly Home Media is a company founded in 1976. Lolly Home Media was renamed into Lolly Entertainment Group in 1999.

1st Logo

Nicknames: "Toucan Bird", "Speaking Toucan",

Logo: We see a 2D-styled toucan speaking "This is a presentation from the Lolly Home Media!" in a gentle man voice flying in the sky. It fades to black with the words "LOLLY HOME MEDIA STUDIOS, INC." in Arial font.
Variant: - On the Little Nurse series, the toucan is replaced by a white parrot.
- On some NBC-produced movies/news, certainly the text says "Lolly Home Media is a division of NBC Universal" and most letters are not capitalized.
FX: The animations of the toucan, the fade-in and out effects.
Music/Sounds: The toucan voice-over the logo.

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