Lorimar Television


Background: In 2008, TimeWarner revived Lorimar as a unit for producing cable TV shows. Those shows usually air on ABC Family, FX, among other channels.

Logo: On a white background, a black dot flies out, and stretches into a line. It "whips" itself into the 1978 Lorimar logo. It flies up and angles itself in a 20th Century Fox-esque position. It then becomes 3-D. The background fades to black, the logo fades to white, and a blue rectangle flies forth and plasters itself behind the logo. The background flashes and becomes a video of Hollywood, while the Lorimar text turns gold. The box dissolves and forms a gold line under "LORIMAR" while the gold colored byline "A UNIT OF WARNER BROS. TELEVISION, A TIMEWARNER COMPANY" appears below.

SFX: The animation.

Music: Sound effects that goes perfectly with this logo

Availability: Can be seen on "Nip/Tuck" on FX.

Scare Factor: None to low.