Lum Invader Productions

1st Logo (October 14, 1987-July 20, 1989)

Logo: During the final part of the Urusei Yatusura: Further Adventures credits (Endings 1-4) , we see an in-credit notice reading

A Lum Invader Production
in English and Japanese.

FX/SFX: None. It's an in-credit logo.

Music/Sounds: One of 4 Urusei Yatsura: Further Adventures ending themes depending on which season.

Availability: Seen on Urusei Yatsura: Further Adventures, but only from Season 1-4. This logo remains intact on VHS releases of S1-S4 Episodes, and can be spotted on the S1 and 2 DVD sets. However, the DVD set from S3 plasters this with the 2nd logo and the S4 set and reruns plaster this with the 3rd logo. This is because of the episodes on these sets are masters from 1989-1992.

Scare Factor: None.

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