M.U.G.E.N Productions

1st Logo

Logo:On a black BG we see a face with a human eye and a red eye and a mouth and the with white text M.U.G.E.N Productions and the text disappears after the mouth laughs.

FX/SFX: None

Trivia: This company will get sued in because the user's characters are seen being drunk.

Variant: There's a DVD variant were DVD gets slapped on the screen after the text disappear and the laugh is somewhat quieter than usual.

Music/Sounds: Just Skull Kid laughing

Availability:Current.Right now seen only on Public Service Speech.The DVD Version is going to be Rare.The only known Animasher DVD is The Genius Show season 1 DVD Which is not yet released on the Unseen Online Episode which will be released soon.

Scare Factor: I would say Nightmare. The mouth and disappearing text could catch people off guard. Low to medium for the DVD variation because DVD being slapped onto the screen.

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